Top 10 Vintage Bloggers according to VOLD Fashion

By Yasmin Chamchoun

At Vold Fashion we love everything from frills to polka dots as long as it is vintage inspired. This why every now and then we like to read through some vintage blogs to see what’s new with our fellow vintage lovers. Here are 10 of our favourites…

Harlow Darling

Want to take a step back into the 40’s, 30’s or even 20’s? Well, Brisbane based Harlow Darling a self-confessed “beach pyjama connoisseur” will do just that. With pretty vintage-style lady dresses and dazzling hair pieces complimented by her beautiful blonde locks and red lipstick Harlow really will take you back a couple of eras.

Instagram: @missharlowdarling  Facebook:


Not Dressed as Lamb

Not Dressed As Lamb is a little different from the usual vintage blogs as Devon based Catherine Summers is all about encouraging women over 40 to ditch the “age appropriate” protocol in a fashion that many women feel they have to follow but instead to dress as they please. Well, we absolutely agree that age is just a number so why let it limit your fashion sense. Catherine can often be seen embracing 40’s outfits and we must say she looks absolutely stunning every single time. Twitter: @notlamb   

Instagram: @notlamb  Facebook: @notdressedaslamb


Retro and Thrift

Originally from Lincoln, but now based in Hull, Courtney Farrow is the beauty behind this retro-inspired lifestyle blog. From polka dots to floral prints, Retro and Thrift do not fail to deliver when it comes to vintage fashion and style.  Not only that but Courtney also gives some great beauty and make-up tips. Her retro-inspired Harley Quinn makeup look is a must see for sure!

Twitter: @retroandthrift   Instagram: @retroandthrift   Facebook: @retroandthrift


Xander Vintage

On the surface, Xander Vintage may not seem very vintage but look a little closer and you will notice how Canadian based Alanna Durkovic often adds vintage statement pieces to her modern and quirky outfits to achieve an “effortless street style look” (…as described by her). Her bold coloured dress sense along with her vivid hair colour really makes her hard to miss. Not that we want to miss her!  Oh and yeah… and her collection of eyewear ranging from cat eye sunglasses to Chanel is just to die for.

Twitter: @XanderVintage   Instagram: @xandervintage   Facebook: @XanderVintage  


Lipstick, Lettuce and Lycra

Norwich based, Gemma Seager's style is just so quirky and fabulous! From funky vintage t-shirts to lady 50’s frocks she can really flaunt it when it comes to everyday vintage and style. She really does step it up a notch with a pair of heals each time, which she is rarely seen without.

Twitter: @gemma_seager   Instagram: @lipsticklettucelycra  Facebook: @LipstickLettuceLycra


Words by Fleur

With her gorgeous dark hair, fair skin and bold lipstick Fleur McGerr is like the modern Snow White but with a retro flair. She can be seen wearing full-on vintage one day to rocker girl the next. Each day she can switch it up and look just as phenomenal as the day before.

Twitter: @FleurMcGerr Instagram: @fleurmcgerr Facebook: @fleurmcgerr

Vintage Frills

Catherine can usually only be seen wearing vintage dresses ranging from colourful print and floral swirl frocks to cute pastel coloured dresses. Who can blame her as she looks amazing in them all! Yet every now she is not afraid to rock some retro 40’s style swing pants or a cute polka dot skirt. Simply charming!

Twitter: @vintage_frills Instagram: @vintage_frills Facebook: @vintagefrillsblog


Kirstie My Dear

This Canadian stunner Kirstie gives some terrific tips on how to maintain a retro-inspired look. Her gothic glam style infused with pin-up girl really do make her a show stopper. With her flawless figure, short black hair, fluttering eyelashes and red lips she’s like the real-life Betty Boop!

Instagram: @kirstiemydear Facebook: @KirstieMyDear


Nora Finds

This London resident off “Chinese-Indonesian-Australian” origin is a true vintage gem. Nora goes out her way to bring back old school and class to adapt it to recent on trend fashion to encourage others to take on a chic vintage apparel. Her ‘How to dress for Great Gatsby’ post is a real inspiration.

Instagram: @norafinds


Porcelina’s World

Porcelina’s fascination with old Hollywood is none the obvious from head to toe. This Welsh beauty really does make you feel like she’s stepped out of the silver screen but with the subtle addition of modern elements to complete her sophisticated everyday look.  You can also read all about her vintage wedding where she looked breath-taking.

Twitter: @PorcelinasWorld Facebook: @porcelinasworld