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Happiest Toddler Book and DVD Bundle

Happiest Toddler Book and DVD Bundle

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Sections and Chapters of Happiest Toddler Book

Part One: The Happiest Toddler: Toddler/Parent Basics

  1. Toddler Basics: The Gentle Art of Civilizing a Toddler
  2. Parenting Basics: The Lowdown on bringing Up a Toddler

Part Two: Connect with Respect: Toddler Communication Basics

  1. The “Fast-Food Rule”: The Golden Rule of Communication
  2. “Toddler-ese”: A Talking Style That Really Works

Part Three: Behavior Basics: Raise a Great Child the Green-Yellow-Red-Light Way

  1. Green-Light Behaviors: How to Encourage Good Behavior
  2. Yellow-Light Behaviors: How to Curb Annoying Behavior
  3. Red-Light Behaviors: How to Put the Brakes on Bad Behavior

Part Four: How Do I Handle This One?

  1. Taming Tantrums…Like Magic!
  2. Real Answers to Common Problems


Civilization Ho! Your Happy and Confident Four-Year-Old

Appendix A

The Ten Basics for Raising a Happy Toddler

Appendix B

Dr. Karp’s Key Terms and All-Star Tricks!


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