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SNOO Leg Lifters

SNOO Leg Lifters

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About SNOO Leg Lifters

  • (2) Leg lifters - slip-resistant, elastomeric feet keep the bed securely in place on most surfaces
  • Raises head of SNOO at a slight, safe incline
  • Used for babies whose doctors recommend elevating the head for mild colds, stuffy noses, or acid reflux
  • Leg Lifters are compatible with SNOO’s regular legs as well as Low Legs

Our SNOO Baby Sleeper Risers are Simple to Use

  • Leg lifters should be installed while SNOO is not in use and unplugged
  • Lift the side of SNOO where your baby’s head rests
  • Slide lifter onto each foot and push them on firmly
  • Confirm they fit snugly, without wobbling—SNOO Leg Lifters are ready for use!
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