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The Happiest Baby Book – Fully Revised

The Happiest Baby Book – Fully Revised

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About the Happiest Baby on the Block Book

  • Written by best-selling author and pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp
  • Updated with latest insights into infant sleep, bedsharing, swaddling, breastfeeding, and SIDS risk
  • Describes the “calming reflex” and how to trigger it

Sections and Chapters

Part One: Why Babies Cry, and Why Some Cry So Much

  1. Babies: A New Insight
  2. Crying: Our Infants’ Ancient Survival Tool
  3. The Dreaded Colic: A “CRYsis” for the Whole Family
  4. The Top Five Colic Theories, and Why They’re (Mostly) Wrong
  5. The True Cause of Colic: The Missing Fourth Trimester

Part Two: The Ancient Art of Soothing A Baby

  1. The Fourth Trimester: The Woman Who Mistook Her Baby for a Horse
  2. The Key to Happy Babies: The Calming Reflex and the 5 S’s
  3. 1st S: Swaddling
  4. 2nd S: Side/Stomach
  5. 3rd S: Shushing
  6. 4th S: Swinging
  7. 5th S: Sucking
  8. The Cuddle Cure: Finding Your Baby’s Favorite Mix of the S’s
  9. Other Colic Remedies: From Old Wives’ Tales to Proven Soothers
  10. The Magical 6th S: Sleep!

Conclusion: The Fourth Trimester Ends…And A Rainbow Appears


Reviews about Happiest Baby on the Block Book

“My husband says that this product was a lifesaver for him. There is a section on how to swaddle your newborn up tight and make them feel very safe, which in turn helps them to not cry so much. He used this technique a lot at bedtime. We liked this video so much that we bought four more for the future as baby shower presents!” By H. Campbel

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